Can you improve your mental health during the time of coronavirus? Darius Jasinski opines

Darius Jasinski

If you are looking to fight off COVID-19, steer clear of the disease, and maintain your immunity levels, you need to take care of your physical and mental health. Keep in mind our cognitive faculties got overwhelmed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to an imbalance of sorts regarding everyone’s professional and personal life. It is, therefore, vital to take some time out to ensure adequate emotional balance.According to Darius Jasinski, good mental health contributes to a healthy body, better immunity, and greater confidence in tackling challenges. Mental health exercises are elementary and only take a few minutes from your schedule. Devote some time to regularly practice these mental health exercises to get rid of the excess stress and anxiety.

The power of conscious and deep breaths

The critical concern is to reduce the stress of the mind and the body. Darius Jasinski explains It is all about regaining control over your mind when you feel things are spiraling out of your control. Keep in mind that if you feel too stressed out. Make sure to practice deep breathing and focus on each breath. Try to calm your mind by focusing on a single peaceful, happy thought. If you have a habit of feeling stressed out regularly, this is a mandatory exercise that will prevent mental stress burnout.

It is also vital to recognize that work-related stress and anxiety is an indisputable fact. Therefore, make sure you take some time off from your projects and work. Do not think of the breathing exercise as a waste of time. That you can perform while finishing that slide presentation – devote an hour to it without the distraction of your phone, laptop, and friends. Keep in mind that mental exercises will also allow you to increase your focus, enabling you to finish your tasks and be highly efficient.

Go for activities you enjoy

It would be best if you kept your mind busy and occupied. Keep in mind this is about mental health, and an idle mind does no one any good. Practice all the habits that provide you with delight and joy. Join an online course, take up arts, dance, or yoga lessons. Choose any art form that pleases you, learn music or history – there is an entire world out there. Every human being is blessed with a lust for learning, so find yours.

Seek help when in trouble

In case of feel you are mentally or physically ill, seek immediate help. Keep in mind when it comes to emergencies, any sort of delay can be fatal. Expert medical advice is the need of the hour in case of complications. You can seek advice from your home through various online portals as well. So, do not hesitate, as your timely response can save lives.

These are some of the simplest ways to take care of your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Make sure to follow all our tips for the best results.

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