Combat COVID-19 sadness and depression – Darius Jasinski shows the way

Darius Jasinski

How would you feel if your life course suddenly gets stunted due to a crisis? Chances are you will get shocked and would want the problem to get over at the earliest. It’s the same feeling that everyone is feeling since the onset of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has been physically and emotionally challenging. Darius Jasinski says It has caused a significant setback everywhere. From job losses, deaths to economic downswing – the after-effects of the pandemic have been worse. Just when people thought things were getting back to normalcy, the second wave of the pandemic hit the world ruthlessly. It’s natural to feel upset, sad, and depressed.

However, life has to move on! Even though life doesn’t seem to be moving in its natural flow, we can’t stay stagnated. The world’s overall energy is that of sadness and gloom due to the pandemic crisis.

People need to look at the positive side of life and bring in hope amidst all crises. Darius Jasinski shares some essential wellness guidelines that will help people lift their mood and move away from the prolonged gloom and sadness.

1. Less of news time

Your television can become your worst enemy if you don’t use it wisely. Anything that happens across the globe gets relayed through the news updates. Hence, it’s natural for the news channels to concentrate on the COVID-19 infections and deaths. If you keep turning to your television frequently, you will get filled with negativity and a sense of hopelessness. As an ethical citizen, it is essential to know what’s happening around the globe. You need to lessen your news time and listen to it once throughout the day.

2. Be hopeful even when there is no reason for it

Global occurrences and changes have an impact on the way we think! Hence, the countless COVID-19 deaths and infections are bound to make you sad and apprehensive. However, despite all the odds, you must change your thought wave at the earliest. That means, if you are feeling scared and tensed, it’s essential to switch your thoughts to something positive and hopeful. Instead of feeling uncertain about life, you might feel grateful that a vaccine will be available for the mass soon. It will help people to fight the virus. You should always think of a solution instead of the problem to remain positive.

3. Write a gratitude journal

It’s time to count on your good times! The pandemic outbreak is making everybody feel nervous and anxious. People are thinking umpteen times before venturing out of home, even for their necessities. Hence, it is essential to release stress and tension by filling up your gratitude journal. If you and your family haven’t got affected by the virus, you should stay grateful and mention it in your journal. If you have a steady income, you should thank the almighty for keeping you free from financial challenges during the pandemic phase.

Tough times need to get dealt with patience and a positive attitude. By following the suggestions mentioned above, you can stay away from the pandemic gloom.

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