Darius Jasinski Offers Tips to Curb Mental Health Disturbances

Darius Jasinski

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are trying to rebuild our lives. The past year has challenged people worldwide in several aspects of our lives, and currently, we are getting back to normal with the new standard precautions and trends, says Darius Jasinski. However, in this process, to continue staying positive, one needs to prioritize their mental health and wellbeing. 

Pre-Existing Illnesses

If a person has a pre-existing mental condition, the pandemic uncertainty will indeed aggravate the situation. Try to stay cognizant and prepare yourself to tackle the change. Consult with your usual family physician or professional regularly. Make sure you do not neglect any medications and therapeutic sessions. Covid-19 has deteriorated the mental health of many people. Whether directly or indirectly, it has left its mark on our mental health. Therefore, such a time calls to develop workaround strategies to ensure greater adaptability. 

Darius Jasinski Suggests Creating a Routine Chart

Human beings find comfort in the assurance and certainty aspect of nature. Our minds are at peace when we follow a stick to a particular routine. Even though the pandemic outbreak disrupted the usual flow of our lives, it is essential to follow a pattern. In light of this, make a routine chart for weekdays and weekends. Include maintaining your hygiene and beauty regimes. Make sure you go to bed on time and wake up at regular times. Ensure you include exercise for a set period every day as it is mandatory to keep your physical self in shape. With all such measures, you will feel more rested and quickly face the uncertain aspects you will encounter throughout the day. 

Healthcare Workers’ Mental Health is at Risk

Patients and families are feeling the mental trauma hitting themselves. Apart from them, healthcare professionals and workers are feeling the mental health brunt. The frontline workers are highly vulnerable to adverse mental health effects. Since they strive to balance the care for patients, their families, and friends, they mostly sideline themselves. If you are a healthcare professional, it is crucial to give mental health a priority. If you have anyone who is a healthcare worker in your society and community, continuous support can also go a long way to maintain their sanity. 

Do You Need Professional Counselling?

Mental health issues do not always mean the way out of a professional counseling session. One needs to understand that people can go through anxiety and depression without facing severe physical or mental disorders. 

If you have tried all the means and still cannot figure your way out, then it is a signal that you need to see an expert who will guide you thoroughly. Many helpline numbers and telehealth appointments are available so you can safely virtually meet an expert in the psychology field from the comfort of your home. 

The uncertainty of the disease, lack of preventive measures for everyone, and other information about the appropriate interventions are the disturbing aspects that swell up the mental health issues. Amidst these, one should try to overcome the negative aspects and focus on the positive constructs of our lives. 

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