Darius Jasinski Points 6 Signs You Need a Counseling Service During These Covid Times

darius jasinski

Counseling or therapy is important when you have mental health concerns and emotional difficulties. These therapy sessions help people to learn how to cope with problems they are facing in the right way. Darius jasinski says though individuals are more inclined towards counseling these days, they have a problem in understanding when is the right time to consult a therapist.

Often people ask themselves do they really need counseling. They may feel that they are in good mental health to deal with emotional difficulties without help. The answer to the question is when emotional stress or mental health begins to affect your daily life and function, the time has come to see a therapist.

According to Darius Jasinski, when you are still unsure, look for the following emotions and feelings and whether any of them interferes with your life:


When you have the feeling that you have too many things to handle or facing plenty of issues, you are getting overwhelmed. This feeling makes you unable to breathe or rest, and your mind becomes restless. Ultimately, stress originating from this feeling impacts your physical health and changes your daily lifestyle.

Fatigue –

Physical symptoms often accompany mental health concerns. Fatigue sometimes indicates depression. When you see changes in your sleep pattern, like you sleep more than usual, always feel sleepy, or have trouble waking up and getting out of bed in the morning, you might need a therapist.

Anger and rage –

Anger is nobody’s friend. When you feel you stay angry often or rage takes over you at times, you need to seek support. While getting angry or passing rage is not a concern, an increase in intensity or changes in behavior like getting violent in situations are sure signs. There could be many instances of small anger but if you feel it is coming frequently, make sure you get professional help.


The fear of being in places where you might get trapped, or experience panic attacks is known as agoraphobia. This fear makes people unable to leave their homes or meet friends and family members.

Hopelessness –

When you feel that there is no future or you begin to lose hope or motivation, you might be suffering from depression, which is one of the most common mental health conditions. People sometimes get hopeless, especially after unfortunate events, but when this feeling persists, you must seek the best counseling services. When not treated on time, hopelessness may lead to suicidal thoughts.

Social withdrawal –

When you feel distressed around other people or seek some time alone, more than usual, you need a therapist to understand your feelings and help you deal with them.

If any of the mentioned signs is troubling you, look for top online counseling in your area right away. These are trying times, and we need to hold onto our strength and will to pass through these hard days. If you feel any of these things, please make sure you see a counselor at your earliest.

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