Darius Jasinski shares how to take care of yourself during the pandemic phase

Darius Jasinski

No one thought that they have to witness a pandemic in 2020! It was unexpected, and no one was aware of how to respond to this phase. Every crisis evokes fear and stress! Hence, the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak too resulted in mass fear and a sense of prolonged uncertainty. People were eagerly anticipating a vaccine or a medicine that will help to resolve the crisis. And now that we have the vaccine, things still seem critical with the increasing rate of infections.All these impact our mind and body! Stress and prolonged anxiety can lead to mental and physical problems. People must lead a balanced life to withstand the pandemic phase and the crisis. Darius Jasinski has come up with some wellbeing suggestions that can help everyone.

Eat at the correct time

Darius Jasinski says working from home has been a new system for many. It has changed people’s activity timeline. And that makes them eat late, which inevitably would affect the appetite and overall health. It leads to stomach acid changes and indigestion. Hence, people must eat timely even if they are working from home. One of the best ways to do that is to create reminders for your mealtime. You can do that same for your evening snacking so that you stay well.

Consume important multi-vitamins

It is essential to have a strong immunity today. And health supplements and multi-vitamins can help you boost your immunity. Not sure how to go about it? You can fix up an appointment with your doctor and ask for the best multi-vitamins and immunity boosters that are good for you to consume. You can have them before or after a meal as per the medical guidelines.

Remain active

Most people are feeling stagnant and bored at home. Hence, it’s essential to stay active by getting engaged in any physical activity. It would help if you thought before you step outside. Make ways so that you can remain active inside your house. You can start practicing Pilates and yoga from home. Today, there are several online classes as well that you can enroll in and join. It is effective in releasing toxins and stress from the body. It also balances your hormones and metabolism.

Stay engaged mentally

Most people have excess free time today as they are staying at home. It would help if you kept your mind busy. You can get engaged in any leisure activity which will bring you happiness. For example, you can take up a social project and contribute your ideas in leisure hours. You can also undertake other creative pursuits like glass painting, drawing, pottery, origami, or any other craft if you want. It will stimulate your mind so that you don’t fall mentally weak during this phase.

Everyone must take care of their health and mind during this challenging phase. They also need to check on their family and friends.  The guidelines mentioned above will enable you to do that effectively.

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