Emotional wellness tips to follow from Darius Jasinski

Darius Jasinski

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us into various restrictive measures and protective protocols. We have been following the same protocols for a year now, and it has turned our lives upside down. According to Darius Jasinski, this constant need to adapt to the “new normal” has put everyone under tremendous mental stress.

It is all about managing the depression, the disappointment, and the unhappiness of the times. Protecting your mental faculties and features is the key to overall health in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remember, if you are mentally strong, you will better support your friends and family members.

So, as we wade through these unprecedented times, is it possible to maintain a healthy state of mind? Are there healthy habits that you can practice to cope with stress and anxiety effectively? Yes, there are several challenges, but there are ways to cope with them as well.

Darius Jasinski: In the following section, we will look at some of the tips to take care of emotional wellness in the times of coronavirus.

Self-care is must

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted to us the importance of taking care of your own body. Self-care, personal care are the major keywords for 2021 and beyond. If you are concerned about your immunity, it is essential to eat healthy and nutritious. A balanced diet is all that nutrition you will need through the day to build muscles, service your immunity and ward off diseases. Stay hydrated by taking in plenty of fluids. Additionally, it is imperative to avoid caffeine, nicotine, and other addictive substances to cope with the stress. Keep in mind rest are all that you need to recharge your batteries.

Stay active

It is vital to remember that everyone has to work through the work-from-home protocol.This had led to an increase in sedentary lifestyles for people. It is essential to understand that you need to maintain a level of physical activity to keep in proper shape. There are innovative exercises to try out that will keep you motivated. You can join online courses or involve your family to make it a fun affair.

Avoid the “bad” coping strategies

As stated in the previous section, there are several bad coping strategies for stress that we human beings fall prey to – drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, even caffeine. It is vital to steer clear of these toxic, habit-forming coping strategies.

Manage your information flow

The pandemic has highlighted the speed of information flow through the world. It takes mere seconds for news to travel all around the world. And the news is usually all about the worsening conditions, the increased infection, job losses, death, and all other types of grim articles. This is why it is critical to weed out the fake and gather information from only authentic sources. It is also in your best interests to switch off and unwind from time to time.

Make sure you follow our list of tips to maintain your emotional wellness and wellbeing. Use the information effectively in times of crisis.

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