Take care of your emotional wellness through the COVID-19 lockdown – Darius Jasinski

Darius Jasinski

Even with the highly anticipated vaccine roll-outs, the stress and the trauma associated with COVID-19 haven’t eased. There is no escaping the COVID-19 stress; there is the unlimited adjustment to lifestyle and the new prevailing “normal.” If truth be told, the situation is one of uncertainty and fear.According to Darius Jasinski, even though people discuss the health aspect, there isn’t much conversation about mental health and emotional wellness.

However, we should talk about mental health issues, especially during this troubled period. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the lock downs, economic upheavals, and the emotional trauma have resulted in too much mental stress.

Darius Jasinski: It is more than mental ailments

It is never “just” mental illness – though it should be enough. The fact of the matter is mental health also contributes to your overall immunity of the body. This is why it is crucial not just to maintain your body but your mind as well.

Keeping all of that in mind, here are some tips to take care of your mental wellness through this pandemic.

Darius Jasinski: Understand the pandemic

Not everyone is a biological researcher, so if the disease, the virus, the mode of action, and the vaccine development are beyond your knowledge, there is nothing wrong with it. Understandably, all this unknown is what makes people scared about the disease in the first place. However, the key is to choose authentic sources of information regarding COVID-19, symptoms, prevention, and the lot.

For example, tried, tested, and peer-reviewed sources like the WHO and the CDC will provide you with authentic information and help you to understand the situation better. There is too much information from all sources that limits your exposure to reliable outlets.

Darius Jasinski: Stay away from information overload

Human beings are by default inquisitive, and in your quest for the pursuit of COVID-19 information might lead to an overdrive of sorts. Keep in mind that information overload is real, and it can lead to confusion and data mix-up. The more information you try to process, the harder you make your brain work leading to stress, tension, and anxiety build-up. Too much information can also hurt your decision-making abilities. This is why limit yourself to the constant bombardment of information on the television and get involved in things that you find interesting.

Darius Jasinski: There are things beyond your control

It is crucial to accept that there are only a handful of things that are within your control. The greater world has always been and always will be outside your sphere your influence. Leave out all that you cannot control. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Derive your satisfaction from doing your bit for society. It will allow you to stimulate your mind and drive away all thoughts of depression.

As always, pay attention to your body and carefully look for the signs that might reflect a poor state of mind. It will help you lead a relaxed life without any hassles. Take care!

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