The pandemic and your mental wellbeing – Darius Jasinski shares relevant guidelines

Darius Jasinski

Constant stress and anxiety will not enable you to lead a balanced life. It impacts both the body and the mind in negative ways. However, as an after-effect of the pandemic, most people worldwide have been in excess stress for the past year. Initially, there was a lockdown that made people stay at home for a prolonged period. Though the infection rates are high, there are temporary lockdown orders worldwide depending on the necessity. However, people have to resort to masks and sanitizers every day and exercise proper safety protocols while stepping out.No one was ready for such a sudden change in their lifestyle. And the prolonged uncertainty about everything getting back to normalcy is making people mentally weak and upset. It is essential not to fall weak. You need to take care of your mental health. Here are a few wellness guidelines by Darius Jasinski that can prove helpful:

Resort to positive thoughts

When you find an increased rate of infections worldwide, you are prone to negative thoughts. Your mind might harbor thoughts about an uncertain future. Also, you might imagine getting infected and other severe outcomes. All this negative thinking will not help your mental health. It will make you more sad and depressed. Instead, it is essential to switch to positive thinking. For instance, you should think that implementing the safety protocols and staying at home will help you and your family members to stay away from the infection. It would help if you also thought that you are in good health and maintain a healthy regime at home to stay well.


Any physical activity goes a long way in boosting your mental health! Humans are social by nature, and not being able to go out freely can make them feel frustrated and mentally weak. Hence, it is essential to fight this out by exercising daily. There are several forms of exercise that you can do from home. For instance, you can practice aerobics, yoga, and Pilates from home. You can practice in the morning or evening. If you want, you can also join an online class and follow the instructions. It will help you release your tension and produce happy hormones that will help you feel good and relax while at home.

Resort to online counseling

Pandemic paranoia and depression have been common phenomena for many! And you must remedy the same through proper care and guidance. One of the best ways to manage this is to opt in for online counseling. You can get speaking to an online counselor and share the issues that you are facing. The counselor will listen to you and provide you with the best solution and help you to arrange your thoughts. Counselling has benefited several people and allowed them to lead a better life. It enables you to find a solution to all discomforting thoughts and mental issues.

No one knows how long we have to go through the pandemic phase. Everyone needs to stay well. The suggestions mentioned above can help you to lead a better life.

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