Tips from Darius Jasinski to take care of your emotional wellbeing to cope with Covid stress

Darius Jasinski

The COVID-19 pandemic has well and truly disrupted our everyday life and routine. Even with the vaccine, the trouble isn’t over as COVID-19 is still making its presence felt in many places. However, when most of the world is taking care of physical health through self-isolation and other protocols, one aspect is overlooked. According to Darius Jasinski, this is the time to take care of our mental health and emotional wellness to reduce or cope with the stress of these trying times.

Darius Jasinski says It is vital to keep in mind that none of us are thrilled at the situation. Not only are we staring at an uncertain future with a bleak economy and daily stress, but we are also dealing with signs of stress and depression due to the self-isolation protocols. It is about coming to terms with this new normal, and for that, in the following section, we will have a look at some tips to take care of your emotional wellness.

Managing the stress levels

A sound mind allows you to enjoy excellent physical health. No good will come out of it if you are worried about falling sick at all times. Keep in mind that a healthy body is essential to cope with the prevailing unusual situation. It starts with your body – take care of your nutrition and stretch the limits if need be. Ensure you are eating fresh fruits and plenty of vegetables to replenish the lost nutrients within the body.

Take care of your water intake to maintain your levels of hydration. Keep in mind a hydrated body is better equipped when it comes to the inherent immunity level. Maintain a level of activity even if you have to work from home. Engage in entertaining activities, involve your family to divert attention from the gloom of these trying times. Additionally, take care of your sleep cycles and hours of rest. Always make it a point of hitting the bed at the same time every night.

Steer clear of unhealthy habits

Human beings have a habit of resorting to substances and alcohol to deal with stress. Keep in mind that we understand it is not easy to deal with stress, but alcohol, drugs, or tobacco aren’t exactly solutions to these complications. It is easy to feel tempted to use alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes when you feel bewildered, confused, or nervous. These substances might provide a feeling of relief, but better watch out for the repeat usages – it is only temporary.

Remember that most of these substances are dangerous and will suck you into a tricky vortex of addiction. This will only lead you deeper into a different kind of trouble. If you are looking to control your stress and mind, then there are organic ways of dealing with the pressure instead of finding and abusing the readily available shortcut solutions.

Last words

Always pay close attention to your mind to understand what triggers your feelings of stress and anxiety. Eliminate those triggers and calm your mind to achieve the maximum balance in your pursuit of emotional wellness.

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